718 Ohio River Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15202 412-766-4873

Meet the Staff of Northside Imports LLC

Michael Petitta - Owner

412-766-4873 - mike@northsideimportsllc.com

My father opened up one mile from here in 1980. I have been in the business since i was in diapers! I do things different than "the other guys". I have a laid-back no nonsense approach.

If I don't have the car you are looking for I can get it. We fully service everything before we sell it. We have awesome warranty plans up to 4 years that are available on most of our inventory. We accept trades, and we have bank financing on the spot as well. We do everything the "big" guys do except with personalized exceptional service!! My passion is European cars, however, we buy and sell everything. I have access to 20,000 cars a week. Hopefully I see you soon!!

Northside Imports LLC, 718 Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15202 412-766-4873